Monday, November 19, 2012

Is anyone listening

Eyes closed,
Heart open.
Can you hear,
Or are you already
Can you hear,
Or is your heart closed.
Have you found the words
That excuse you,
From hearing.
The cries are universal.
To be deaf
Is to deny your humanity.
You may hear
The heartbeat
Of God.

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Thursday, November 15, 2012


look into the eyes of innocence,
a face yet marked by time,
a soul trusting,
look into the eyes of grief,
a face torn by tears
streaked by the years and fears
stripped bare.
hear the desperate cries,
silenced by power and pride,
muffled sobs
we all cry,
who has heard,
who listened
our shame remains
as those who knew
like ghosts.

Sunday, November 11, 2012

The poetry of life,

The poetry of life,
the dance of love,
a waltz of grace
with mercy's melodies.

our lives,
and intermingled,
each one
a reflection of the other,
each other
the chance to learn
to be taught.

I am a product of all who have gone before,
and so are you.
our past does not start
with our memories,
our future
stretches way beyond
our daughters and sons.

the poetry of life,
the dance of love,
a waltz of grace
with mercy's melodies.

Catch someone,
a glimpse into a soul,
they are "I" to themselves,
no different to you.
their voice speaks
of love,
and pain,
and death.
refuse to decide,
or measure,

the poetry of life,
the dance of love,
a waltz of grace
with mercy's melodies.

Thursday, November 08, 2012

The gift.

It is the most extravagant gift.
unrivalled amongst all creation.
somewhat small,
seemingly insignificant,
yet so immensely powerful
it can shape the destiny of mankind.
as I write,
it is ahead of me,
shaping my thoughts into words,
drawing on experiences
that I may have forgotten.
you and I share this gift,
and yet,
so often we take it for granted.
This gift can delve into the mysteries of the universe,
it can travel back and forth in time,
an endless file that can be snatched
from dim and dulled memories.
Why are we given this extravagance?
It is so we can use it,
relentless in our pursuit
of knowledge
and understanding.
Instead of reacting,
let us respond.
Instead of blindly believing,
let us search,
let us challenge our status quo
impatient for the greater truth
that is uncovered
by the restless seeker.
There is nothing to fear,
for, if it is the truth you are looking for,
it is the truth
that you shall find,
and that truth
will be the continuing journey
of our lifetime.

Tuesday, November 06, 2012

It is written

It's written in every leaf,
on the clouds
in the sky.
it's written on a pale moon
a burning sun
a starry night.
the impossibility
that was made possible,
from the minute
and microscopic
to the infinite
and glorious.
we must remind ourselves
to lift our eyes
from the temporal and the human
to reflect on the eternal
that is all around us.
these words of mine,
they are faulted,
they will fail...
I must look again
at the words of creation
as they speak transcendence
to my heart and soul and mind.

Saturday, November 03, 2012


Fear has no place in spirituality.
Love is the end of fear.
Perfect love is God's gift to mankind,
To you,
To me.
Have you fear?
You are loved,
Fear ended
With the dying cry
Of forgiveness.
The perfect expression
Of perfect love.
Challenge your fear,
Exchange it
And loving,
And being

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Thursday, November 01, 2012

Whose faith

Sometimes Jesus said things that were to show us the impossible not the possible. It is impossible to "love the Lord your God with ALL your heart and ALL your mind and ALL your strength". We are left with two choices. Either we can sentence ourselves to a regimen of works that will always leave us failing, or we can stop. In stopping we are left with grace. Grace is complete. It says "It is finished". "You are forgiven because you will never fully understand". Faith is no longer expressed as our works for him, we start to live out his works through us, not our faith but his. There is a huge difference here. For me, mustard seed faith simply says that faith is an attribute of God that is given in minute measure for, if we received more, we would end up "moving mountains"...a far too dangerous ability to give mankind, don't you think.