Thursday, October 27, 2011


Today is grey,
a monochromatic sky,
diluted of colour,
washed out.
I struggle with my thoughts,
as my mind slows to a crawl.
Random anxieties,
baseless fears
without answers,
just the struggling questions.
I suppose faith is for these times,
times when we don't know,
times when we fear
and worry.
Sometimes just seeing
and hearing
a light in the blahness.....
Sometimes may be unanswered,
Today is grey,
grey is faith
faith for the day.

Saturday, October 08, 2011

More than more than ever.

I am going to a place,
Where my deeds are not measured
And my life is not weighed.
I am going to a place
Where I have been chosen to be loved,
Where who I am has been replaced
By who heaven has called me to be.
I am going to rise,
Above the darknesses that have plagued my existence,
Before I had a choice,
Before I had the wisdom
To know
And to choose..
I am destined for more
Than I could ever have dreamed,
A future that stretches out,
Before my grandest desires
And most wondrous dreams.
I live in the gratitude
That all this has nothing to do with who I am,
And everything to do
With just simply,
Who you are.

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Thursday, October 06, 2011


Let's try it without grace.
We are left with the sum of all our good
Minus the sum of all our bad,
Multiplied by the distance from the mortal
To the immortal.
We have nothing to carry us across eternity
Nothing to present to the Creator of the Universe
Other than our flawed and failed humanity..
Just us,
And God...
Remembering that it was the human race
That crucified his son..
What makes us different?
What can we say whilst we hide the hammer and nails
Behind our back?
The grace you deny
Is the grace you hide behind.
Are you brave enough
To do it by yourself?

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Saturday, October 01, 2011


I wish that this grayness
Would slip from my mind
As I fight back the darkness
That drags my soul down.
I'm captive to a numbness
That fights me within
As I struggle with failures
That I relive again and again.

Oh the damning humanity
That courses through my veins
So that heaven is hidden
as I peer through the gloom
That has descended without warning
Like a thunderous cloud
I'm shouting in silence
My prayers fall and fail

Don't answer my questions
For I've been here before
I know all the verses
I've quoted them all..
I'll remember a faithfulness
That's overwhelmed me and more
Today is just darkness
Tomorrow light shall dawn.

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