Saturday, January 29, 2011

I'm learning to be loved

I’m learning to be loved, I’m learning to receive

A love that is unearned, unmerited and free.

This love I can receive not struggling to achieve.

I’m learning to be loved.

I’m learning to be loved, this miracle of grace

That finds me as I am and shows me heaven’s face,

Eyes that see my pain, hands that know my shame.

I’m learning to be loved.

This love that knows no end,

This love that knows no bounds,

This love that reaches out

Before my silent prayers.

This heart of heaven speaks

Of grace that mercy meets

Within this heart of mine,

Within this heart of mine

I’m knocking on the door that opens from inside,

I’m seeking for the truth that alone I cannot find.

A wisdom that is shown, a truth that is made known

I’m learning to be loved.

Thursday, January 27, 2011


What can we say,

What can we do,

What can we pray

When we think of you?

What can we sing,

What do we choose,

What can we bring

When we think of you?

We hear your cry,

To be renewed

In love and life

When we think of you

What we believe

And what is true

Just what should change

When we think of you?

Do we hear your voice

Crying through the ages

Do we see your life

Rising from the pages

The tears welling in your eyes,

The tears welling in our eyes.

And his hearts cries out,

And his love pours out,

Do we see,

Do we know

Are his tears welling in our eyes.?

Tuesday, January 25, 2011


A sleepy Monday,
lunch with my son.
I spent the time listening to his dreams,
watching my features move under his face.
Fatherhood is one of the greatest joys.
I continually find myself amazed
by the emergence of young lives
full of drive and vision.
He left in a hurry with a firm handshake,
and a gentle and affectionate pat,
impatient to meet a young man's afternoon.
For the next few minutes I sat alone at the table,
with my mineral water and pot of tea
basking in the afterglow of the past hour.

Friday, January 14, 2011

God has come

God has come.
God has come breath our air,
To walk our lonely roads, God has come.
God has come to embrace our broken lives,
God has come hear our mournful cries,
To comfort, to love and to heal, God has come.
And he wept tears of grief,
And he washed the feet of failures.
And he accepted the torture,
He accepted the nails
He accepted the spear
He accepted the death that we indicted upon him.
God came again,
Not to humiliate,
Not too impose his will,
Not to rule
But to comfort all who were blind
Whose hearts did not understand
Faithless, frail,
God has come.
I am there,
And so are you
God has come.

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Sunday, January 09, 2011

time and tide

Life, it's highs and it's lows.
Life, the fears, sadnesses, the joys and elations.
Life, it's wists and turns, confronted by unexpected challenges,
Unalterable tragedies.
Yet, we have been joined, a visitation of grace,
A revelation of love,
Divinity, flesh, heart, humanity..not the foreboding of heaven's wrath,
An invitation to participate in a reconciliation that defies our understanding or explanations.
Forgiveness cries out, a wail that transcends all,
everything, from eternity past to eternity beyond the end of time,
Everything is challenged and changed.

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Friday, January 07, 2011

"My Jesus"

Jesus stands as an absolute conundrum to those who are seeking a “messiah”.

He just doesn’t fit.

To believe in him demands one of two things.

You can change everything you know about God, everything you have ever done for him, everything you expected him to be and live in a state of continual amazement as he eludes being type cast or contained. You can then live in adventurous questioning, learning, discovering, not so much following Jesus as being amazed at him following you, knowing you. To be known by God, now there’s a miracle worthy teaching. Not worshipping him, but being humbled by him bowing at you feet with a wash bowl and towel….


You must tie him up with theology, explaining everything he does in ways that reduce him down to our words and our thoughts and our expectations. He then becomes "our Jesus". A Jesus subject to our interpretations. "Our Jesus" can very nicely fit in a book if we make him hostage to our words and our concepts. We can interpret him, teaching those interpretations and even worse, forcing them upon others. In the name of "Our Jesus" we can build nice churches and a nice culture and a nice worship team. He can agree with our silence when the marginalised are abandoned for the sake of prosperity and comfort, he can turn a blind eye with us to the terror that is being committed daily in the name of a culture that bears his name…

Monday, January 03, 2011


On New Year's day we lost a very dear friend.
This song is written in his memory


I’m flying,

I’m soaring,

I’m touching

The blue skies

I’m carried

Love’s holding me

For I am finally free.

I’m climbing

Lofty mountains

These footsteps

To follow

I’m carried,

Love’s holding me

For I am finally free.

And rising through the clouds

Born on eagles wings

Lifted far above the earth

Love has overcome.

A moment,

A heartbeat,

I’m lifted and enfolded

I’m carried,

love’s holding me

And I am finally free.

And rising through the clouds

Born on eagles wings

Lifted far above the earth

Love has overcome.

I’m living

No more crying

I’m loving

and I’m laughing

I’m carried,

Love’s holding me

And I am finally free.