Monday, September 07, 2015

There was a time

there was once a time
when there were no words.
no memory,
not even a story to tell. 
There was a time 
that came before
all that we have ever believed to be true,
all that we have treasured,
debated, studied, fought for and retained.
For there was a time where only truth remained.
there was no need for this truth to be taught,
there was no need for consent or adherance,
no need for disciples or scribes or chapters or verses,
this truth was supported by itself.
If we threw away everything and emptied our knowledge of it all
it would still remain as true.
Surely the great pilgrimage
is to accept that in all that we know,
we know very little.
sometimes I feel like the ant
climbing the first tile of the opera house
trying to reach the one above,
blissfully unaware of the sails that soar
Into the heavens
above my pursuit.


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