Saturday, September 29, 2012


You have an intellect,
You have acquired wisdom,
You have learnt,
To ask questions,
Impatient to discover their answers,
Seeking, inquiring,
Revealing meaning,
Uncovering a growing wisdom,
From seeking
To finding.
Have you abandoned
This intelligence
And have chosen blindness
Preferring acceptance
To discovery.
God help your blindness,
God help your naivety,
God help your reliance
On those who simply repeat
The revelations of others
Who have spent a lifetime of arrogance
Building their lies
On the utterances
Of other blind men.

Monday, September 24, 2012

Some times I worry.

some times I worry
that faith is a fact.
where questioning is unfaith,
and life is blind faith.
sometimes I worry
that doubting
is dangerous
as if all the mysteries
of the universe
can be summed up
in a few sermons and songs.
some times I worry,
that a Bible College
equips one
to answer every question
by silencing all objections,
rejecting all disenters,
imposing discipline
and barriers.
some times I worry
that our minds are rendered unnecessary
by a good dose of prayer and bible reading.
other times I am grateful
that there are those who will
ask, seek, knock,
explore, read, enquire,
research, and dig
into the wealth of knowledge
that is there for us all.
Thanks God for them,
they show us just how necessary they are.
In particular,
they made all the wiser
by our shortsightedness.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

I wonder why.

I can feel the love draining from our lives.
I can see the faces turning away.
I can hear the cries of the rejected
And I wonder why,
I wonder why?

I can feel the beating heart of Love,
I can see the wounds we afflicted
I can hear his plea of forgiveness
And I wonder why
I wonder why.

Why aren't we feeling
Why aren't we seeing
Why aren't we hearing
What is it we're knowing
Where are we going,
What are we saying,
I wonder why,
I wonder why,
In the love and the light
The grace and the hope
How could we be so blind
I wonder why.

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When we justify ourselves,
we will never be able to feel the pain
the mind numbing grief,
the sense of isolation
that our words and actions have caused.

careless words,
said in anger,
or ignorance,
trampling upon the souls
of the sufferers,
condemned to silence
by our arrogant justifications.

speak healing to my heart,
for it is saddened,
and sorry,
and we all need
sweet words.


Saturday, September 15, 2012


Why, oh why do we think that we can define God
with such confidence
that we can decide who he is,
and who he is not.
Why oh why
do we think
that we can hear his voice
with such clarity
that we can speak on his behalf
as it it were his very words.
Why oh why
do we think we know the secrets
of the universe
when we don't even understand ourselves,
why do we believe with such militancy
that we can dismiss the beliefs of others.
Why do we fight
and maim
and kill
and yet declare that
God is love
and we are his children.
How do we make so much darkness
whilst professing
we are children of light?
How can we lay
looking into the night sky
without the wonder
of the infinitesimal nature
of our own solar system
let alone our own
fleeting existence.
Either our God is too small,
or we believe ourselves
to be too big.
Just wondering.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Time to blog more

This time is soon coming when I will close down my Facebook page and instead blog my thoughts here at "Darkness and Light". Perhaps you could pay a visit from time to time, and leave a comment if you wish.

Sunday, September 09, 2012


So often we assume that "forgiveness" is all about forgiving someone else's actions, however, I believe that "forgiveness" is much more about seeking forgiveness, being aware of the actions of oneself and pleading to be forgiven. That is a very powerful and liberating act, for both parties. I can forgive my persecutors, but my persecutors seeking forgiveness from me is life changing. Taking it one step further, it is when I see myself as a persecutor that my world begins a journey into transformational grace.

Saturday, September 08, 2012


Forgiveness first and foremost happens in our heart, When we forgive the work is done in our lives, we become forgiving. Becoming forgiving is a lifetime journey that will be tested time and time again. We never arrive. We continue to forgive ourselves for our weaknesses as we swing back to judgment and anger. To be forgiven is a gift that must be received with forgiveness for forgiveness is a partnership. We forgive, we receive forgiveness and we seek forgiveness... we live as forgivers, we become forgiving.