Saturday, August 27, 2011

Listen, please listen

a broken heart,
a grieving heart,

so strong
that creation
would rest in it's palms,
to cradle,
to hold
and to heal.

a voice
softly speaking,
please listen
for your brother,
your sister
are called.

can you see,
can you hear,
your name
he is calling,
your heart
to be healed.

will you join
with your brothers,
and embracing
your sisters.
we are one
in his cry,
we are one
in his hand,
this dying cry
and a wounded hand.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Love so cruelly maimed

did the angels understand
when they saw the cross?
what did the heavens say
when love paid it's cruel cost?

did the moon and stars
cease to burn so bright?
did the universe
recoil from such a sight?

how could this Prince of peace
of whom the ages sing
suffer mankind's rage
as love so cruelly maimed.

how could this be,
the plan of the ages?
how could this be
such perfect love?
how could this be
the power and the glory
love so cruelly maimed.

how could this be
love surrendered?
how could this be
love's finest hour?
how could this be
an eternal salvation,
love so cruelly maimed?
how could this be
Him so cruelly maimed?

the angels folded their wings,
their face bowed with tears,
when all the might
of heaven's awe,
surrendered life to death.

as man took up the nails,
with insults and arrogance,
and waged a war
in religious pride
eyes wide shut,
hearts stone cold,
never questioning,
never changing
from age to age
this eternal story
remains the same
our hands they drip with a dying man's blood
we pass judgement on our neighbour
whilst singing songs of love,
love so cruelly maimed.

Saturday, August 20, 2011


Show me how to love
for I'm lost on the way.
tell me again,
that glorious word,
paint me a picture,
to take my breath away,
my heart in my mouth,
my soul so inspired.
show me again,
for I think I forgot
in all that is flawed,
all that is failed,
in my disappointments,
and sadness
I've departed from the essence,
the transcendence,
the simplicity,
of learning to love.
For all I have,
all that is before,
all that is to come,
can only be anchored
by love.
Please show me how,
lest I forget it's glory and grace.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

So flawed, so loved.

It is our right
that wrongs so many,
it is the wrongs
that lead us to the light
it is our poverty
that show us truth
our flaws
a kingdom comes.
our griefs
lead us to burdens
we carry
as comforted and healed.
and in humility
and meekness,
whilst struggling
in vain,
the earth
shall welcome
the weary pilgrims home.
a kingdom is offered,
to our heavy laden hearts,
as with all we join,
knit together as one,
we have this cry,
this petition for grace,
our guilty heads
are crowned with love.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Thank you.

thank you

for the gift of life

for breath

and the beating of our hearts.

thank you

for the highs and lows,

the joys and the sadnesses.

thank you

for the beauty that surrounds us,

and our ability to appreciate it all.

I am amazed by life,

the journey that is within

and without

it's freedoms,

the debts we carry

dissolved in forgiveness’s cry.

each moment a lesson in gratitude,

each sadness a promise of new beginnings,

even death in all it's grief and finality

leads us to consider eternity,

a hope that is beyond comprehension

yet caught up in grace's promise

that although our wisdom is far too small

love has come

an expectation

that rises out of our own mortality.

I do not presume to begin

to understand,

I am simply overwhelmed

that I am understood,

and we are all homeward bound.

Tuesday, August 09, 2011

A prayer for patience

I am wrestling with faith,
I am struggling with hope.
I wish to believe
but my mind just can't cope.
So many doors that must open
and I know I must wait,
but my heart is impatient
my soul lacks restraint.
tell me where are you hiding
the answer from my mind,
I am brim full of questions
I am anxious inside.
I long for a hand
to sweep cares away,
but this seems so simple
a childish prayer to pray.
my cynicism is waiting
like an actor in the wings
it scowls and it frown
at spiritual things,
yet I hope for transcendence
an anchor, frail faith
I hope for an answer
and I wait for the day.