Wednesday, January 08, 2014

When you awake

the sun will rise
and the night will be gone.
when you wake,
there will be a new day,
emptied of the past,
filled with promise.
Yesterday will be but a memory,
the future, hope and trust
tomorrow is the new day,
listen for it's promises,
for hope rises in the dawn
and not from the dusk.

Sunday, January 05, 2014


Do you get the feeling
That the sky is smiling
And the clouds are singing?
The ocean just seems to laugh
As it plays on the sand
And the wind 
Dances through the trees.
The simplicity of all that is around us
Catches us unawares,
And we stop....
And reflect.
How perfect is the unnoticed reality
Around us.
The next time I'm stuck in traffic,
I'm going to look up,
Smile back
And say
Thank you!

Saturday, January 04, 2014

Purposed and planned

On a cloudless night
Hovering over our humanity,
Is a canopy,
An enduring reminder
That we are part of an immense plan,
A purpose and design
That cannot be fathomed
Or understood. 
We stand,
Gazing into eternity,
Knowing one thing,
We belong,
We are partners.
We share
In this perfection,
Graced beyond measure.
Every star,
And constellation,
In its immensity
And magnificence,
Is but a shadow
Of the significance
Of own own existence
And purpose.

Thursday, January 02, 2014

A prayer for 2014

Let our eyes be opened
and our ears unstopped
May our hearts be enlightened
And faith meet us at every intersection
And crossroad. 
May hope rise in our hearts
As joy captures us
And loved.


What is the song of your heart,
sweet melody
gentle words?
Who is the tunesmith
that moves you beyond your everyday
causing you to gasp in wonder
and awe?
What moves you to tears,
Or brings a smile to your face
and laughter to your heart.
When you find yourself dancing alone,
in the sheer joy of being loved,
who is beating the drum?
The child in us longs for the simplicity
of love,
the innocence,
the trust,
the naive joy,
and security,
of being loved...
Not because of what we do,
it's so much more than that...
the exquisite reality
of being loved
because of who we are,
and "Whose" we are.
It's time to sing,
to laugh
and to dance...