Wednesday, November 22, 2006

I have walked through the darkness
I have withdrawn to the night
I have listened to voices
that sought to divert and destroy.
Driven by blinded ambition
self centred and cruel to the core
I have climbed snakes and ladders
I have felt the urge and the call.

I have been lost in the desert
selfishly thirsting for love
helplessly barren and lifeless
I have been hopeless and cold.
You came to lift me to heaven
You came to bathe me in love
gently you heal and restore me
drawing me close to your side.

I turn my eyes
I turn my eyes
I turn eyes to You.

Turning my eyes to the sunrise
tuning my ears to your voice
my heart is softened my mercy
I am filled with your hope and your love

Friday, November 17, 2006

quiet my soul,
peace, my heart,
still my thoughts
pause and rest.
gentle lies the light
on the truth that is seen
wait and be patient
take time to be free.
walk, footsteps softly
hold, don't restrain
love with abundance
speak mercy and grace.
quiet my soul
peace my heart
hear heaven's rhythm,
sing angel's song.

may the day find you with eyes open
like a child let loose to play.

quiet my soul
peace my heart.

a meditation

May my eyes see your light
and my ears hear your truth
may my heart hold your grace
and my feet walk your ways.
let my hands be held open
my soul full of peace
as you life lives within me
your heartbeat's release.

mercy, sweet mercy
shall cover my days
mercy, sweet mercy
my life and my ways.
grace overflowing
love's overcome
mercy sweet mercy
a heartbeat away.

let me look to the heavens
let me rise through the clouds
of my earthbound existence
that anchors my days
let loose my horizons
unshakle the chains
your life blood of freedom
sweet mercy and grace.

A morning prayer for lightness of being

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

We need to understand that there is a huge difference between art, and spirituality. There is nothing wrong with good art, performance and the rest, but we need to point people to the source of their spirituality and make the definition clear.

What we are seeing now is the ART of worship.. it 'feels' good because the art of worship is very effective in making you feel good.

But, it is not worship. It is art about worship. True worship has nothing to do with music, just as much as love songs have nothing to do with love and loving. I believe that true worship is in our response to being unworthy recipients of grace, which is the only way of receiving grace. We can never deserve grace. Grace is freely given and freely received. Becoming gracious, living in and by grace, extending grace and becoming gracious costs us everything.
Sing! Dance! Clap! Cheer!... but always remember our source of inspiration, our foundation of confidence is in the way that the 'living self portrait' of God, Jesus, bestowed grace on a horribly sin stained world.

Come into my life
Hear my prayer
Answer me
Strip me bare
Lord, help me to see
The dark in me
Come into my life
Once more

Come in, my Lord, Come in.
Be my life my all.
Hear my cry,
Lord answer me,
Come in my Lord, come in.

Come into my life,
My spirit’s cry,
My breath, my heart,
My every sigh,
Lord, help me to hear
Your words of grace
Come into my life
Once more.

You are God's gift to all around you,

You shine, with laughter and dance

You love, deeply with passion

You are more than you know.

You are God's gift of life and joy

You sparkle as one of His stars

You are full of wisdom and truth

You are more than you will ever know.

Be today the you that you are

Never change, never doubt,

When words are gone, His grace remains

You are held in hands of love.