Tuesday, June 30, 2009

there are memories
gentle wakeful dreams
they fill my senses
with their peace.

I look behind me
quiet, water-stilled memories
I sigh and remember.

there was healing
on these island shores.
healing that was tied to her rocks
and her sands
and her morning-light.

My mind drifts forward,
past today with it's fears
and anxieties
and I search for another place,
another pleasant place
of lapping and lulling.

I pray,
I hope
I even

there is a home for me
my heart is there now.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

You search me out.
you show your heart.
and the grace
that overflows
that forgives
love only knows
I'm found
above and below
just me.
How could this be
more than amazed
how could I know
yes I am afraid
yes this life
to destroy
so I run
and recoil
what is this
I have seen
in you.

And somehow I see
I don't really know
when I was scared to search

these thoughts founds me

I pray

the glimmer of light,
rays that are more than bright
may invade your night.

I pray
the peace of still waters
may flow 'round your troubled sea
so gentle, in hope abide.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Did Jesus come
to establish

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Accepting doubts and fears
in nakedness of faith
where fear relies on love
and doubt longs for the truth

Is faith too strict for faithlessness
to question and enquire
perhaps some
facts are fallacies
to free our fearful mind

is God defined
by what we believe
so he cannot say a word
to show us more
than we ask or think
is this just too absurd?

Are there words to know
for my struggles long to hear
a voice of gentle truth
to soothe my restless mind.

we persist with this pretence
playing games of security
rules forever unchallenged lie
our questions now denied

My thoughts no longer blind,
searching for the truth
I wish test the unknown seas
some truth perhaps to find

Friday, June 19, 2009

Oh Lord
Oh Lord of the faithless
Oh Lord of the fearful, faithless, broken life
Oh Lord come show show and tell.

I am just a child
I am just a child in arms
I am just an abandoned child
Oh Lord come show and tell.

I can barely walk,
I can barely walk and speak,
I can barely understand
Oh Lord come show and tell.

We are little babes
We are helpless, naked babes
We are babes who long to see,
Oh Lord come show and tell.

Oh sing my soul a lullaby,
sweet melodies of grace
sing my past a healing song
of hope, sweet mercy's tune.
hold my days with faithfulness

bathe them with dear love

Oh sing my soul a lullaby

And I shall be renewed.

Monday, June 15, 2009

light shall come
all around shall sing.

And these melodies shall rise
with our chains
and with our shames
and we will see

rising like the sun from our graves.
surely you can hear
words that for your heart only
have been sung for all time.
and night now finds a darkness
that is full of awe,
of beauty,
of wonder
and of rest.
no more fear
no more struggle.
can you hear?


Thursday, June 11, 2009

How quickly the clouds cleared.
One minute
drenched, cold and miserable
the next
a gentle hint of spring.

I do not understand.

How unruly our soul can be
as it lurches from 'up'
to 'down'.
There are no signposts,
no forewarning
just 'the now'...
and enough space to live
I apply all manner of incantations,
whilst remaining bogged in a deep black mud.
Much time is spent struggling through
the 'hows', the 'where's', the 'ifs' and the 'buts'.
The more I wrestle,
less answers I find
again I surrender
to 'not knowing".

Perhaps to taunt me
decidedly unannounced
the light trickled in.

And I am more confused.