Monday, September 07, 2015

Silence is not golden

If you have a voice,
Stop singing
And shout for compassion. 
Love is the antidote for fear.
Why and what do we fear?
Let love answer your questions,
Compelling you
To be..
In the boat,
Behind the veil,
Under the intervention,
And marginalised.
Let your voice cry out..
Until grace fills the world
And love overcomes.
Till then,
We have a long
And lonely journey.
Silence makes our world
Steals reality
From being seen .
All answers are silent
Until spoken.


Blogger lovespeak | pilgrimscrivener said...

Hi Geoff.
Phil de Couter here.
I list you as one of the amazing people in my life in the formative years at CLC. Thank you so very much.
Now as I approach sift middle age with challenging job, wife and kids on the South Coast I look back to thise days and today is more than I hoped for.
I remember being a skinny, pimply teen on Wednesday nights around your piano trying to blend with Suskia and and the choir. I am in your debt.
I am dropping you this note to promise you i will resist the temptation of commenting and arguing the point on
You are the feature of an article.
I will and have always lifted up my senior brothers in the faith. I pray for you and all the musicians in my past. I remember writing in a Xmas card what a pleasure it will be to see you in heaven.
I am still looking forward to it.

Love and mercy.

4:02 pm  

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