Tuesday, October 30, 2012


Having faith
is not the eradication of doubts,
it is not the denial of fears,
Having faith,
is not living without challenges,
disappointments and tragedies.
Having faith
is the honest wrestling
with all that is being human.
Having faith
is more than our actions.
Having faith
is the mystery of being "known",
and "graced".
Having faith
is being held
beyond our ability of holding on.
Perhaps my faith can teach me about my doubts,
but, surely,
my doubts can teach me about may faith.

Sunday, October 28, 2012


Choose the light over darkness
And there will be light.
Choose love over hatred
And there will be love.
Choose acceptance over rejection
And there will be acceptance.
Choose mercy over judgment
And there will be mercy
Choose forgiveness, seek forgiveness,
Give forgiveness
And we shall all be forgiving.
Community begins with the awareness of one's own failures,
Community is the mutual sharing of the grace that we all receive.
A response is greater than a reaction..
To discriminate is to only see the surface.
Chose the other than oneself
And we will all be looked after by each other.
Life is a constant stream of choices.
Our choices give life.

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Wednesday, October 17, 2012


Go to your celebrations,
Go to your carnivals and concerts,
Go to the senses, the songs and the sermons..
Go, eyes shut,
Lips sealed,
For there is an ocean of suffering
That needs not your singing,
Your praising and your praying.
Perhaps in the opposite direction
You will find heaven
Weeping at the gates.

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Sunday, October 14, 2012

When words become life

When words become life
they are resurrected and enlivened.
When words become life,
they break out of human reasoning.
When words become life,
we can no longer dissect,
and enforce.
When words become life,
we are confronted with the eternal,
we are challenged by the unexplainable,
we must struggle
with inconsistencies,
for when words become life,
they can never be words

Friday, October 05, 2012

Roll up!

Roll up, roll up,
roll up to the magical mystery show!!
with high flyers,
princesses and kings!
Roll up, roll up,
roll up to the magical mystery show!
with dancers
and prancers
with singers
and entrancers ..
it's free to enter
but you must pay before you go.
Roll up, roll up,
it's so easy you see.
just sit where you are
it's all here to see.
it's clean,
it's fun,
it's safe,
for everyone.
Roll up, roll up,
you can leave all fulfilled,
this is all you need
and all you should do,
Roll up, Roll up,
plenty of parking,
air con, soft seats,
the church of delights
is coming to you!