Thursday, October 30, 2014

Love and loving

I continually find myself being inspired by images and narratives of love and compassion. The world is full of these encounters, whether in sacred texts, legends, or the glorious day to day encounters with transcendent gifts of grace. In and through these we are challenged to rise above our humanity, choosing to love beyond our biases and prejudices. More than ever, love calls us to respond to life in all it's hatred and fears by becoming loving. I'm too flawed to be anything else but a lover of my neighbour, no matter what their belief or lifestyle. The love that we find in the accounts of the life of Jesus shows us how God sought to reconcile himself to mankind, I simply do my insufficient best to be a follower. God could have theologically humiliated everyone he came across, he could have called down thousands of angels to defend himself, in the end, what Jesus did in surrendering to the religious, proud and pious acts of his accusers was to simply stretch out his limbs and refuse to do anything else but love. This is the Life and the Love that calls us, by His Spirit, to endeavour, by grace, to emulate. I pray that your spirit and soul be refreshed by all that He is, to all that you the end, for me, it's simply breathtakingly beautiful.

Monday, October 20, 2014

God is love

God is love.
to be in Him,
and Him in us
is to be immersed
and saturated
into love...
pure, eternal,
and constant.
God is love,
every encounter with Him
is the choice 
to be loved,
to love
and to remain.
God is love.
We are baptised into love,
we are risen into love.
Beyond all things,
the sublime goal
and eternal destination
is love.
At the end of all that was,
is and 
is to be,
only one thing will remain..
God is love
and we are
to be
Love's disciples.

Sunday, October 12, 2014


The singular persuit of all spiritual endeavours
is purely
and simply
to embrace love
beyond the boundaries that exempt us
from becoming