Monday, September 29, 2014


Gentle day,
loved and loving.
my piano
and soft thoughts
flowing inward
and outward.

Monday, September 08, 2014

Without love

Without love
All we have 
Is a belief structure. 
Without love
All we have 
Are excuses
And reasons. 
Without love
We are lost to each other
And lost to ourselves. 
In love
We are intimate
With the sublime essence
That transcends all things.
In spite of ourselves
We have just one choice,
We are called to be
And to be

Wednesday, September 03, 2014


Words, no matter how perfect,
Are insufficient. 
My spirit speaks louder 
And clearer
Than my lips. 
To know me
Is to hear the voice of my heart,
The songs of my soul.
What I speak,
And what you hear,
What I write,
And what your read
May fail to tell my story.
Let us stop listening,
And sit together in the quiet,
Hearing each other
Until we begin to recognise
And seek to know.

Blow wind, blow

The wind is roaring through the trees,
Branches straining
Their leaves taking flight.
I've retreated to indoors. 
Perhaps, we should invite these squalls
To blow through the scattered thoughts
That lie, unchallenged,
Rising, unbidden,
To taunt the day
With the struggles of yesterday.
Blow wind,
Let the mists and fogs
Of our minds
Be cleared
By a bracing, biting gale.