Thursday, March 31, 2011

A sea

A sea of thoughts,
A bright, blue, shiny sea of thought.
Real, true,
A cause worth fighting for.
A death no less noble.
Truth..truth in our hands?

We know,
Our knowledge so sure
That we could set in stone
And no mutiny could challenge change.

Why so sure?
Why so proud?
Can blindness find truth,
And deafened ears hear more,
More that lies in the shallows,
The object of the self sufficient,
The faith of a vain fact,
Resting unwavering on the shoulders
Of the naive.


Is it possible for blinded eyes
And deafened ears
To hear and see?


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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

There is more

There is more,
Our heart's cannot contain,
More than our minds
More than mere words and thought.
There is more,

There must be more
For there has to be,
What we hear and have and know and see,
So fragile and flawed
There is more.

We presume,
We endow ourselves,
Proudly proclaiming....
We see beyond the end
Nothing unknown,
Nothing unseen
Our humanity perceives
All in God,
All in all..

We don't need inspiration
For we have set our minds as stone
Every answer, every doubt,
We answer it all...
Glib, wise, till beyond all time..
We don't need to know
For what we know we need.

There is more
And if grace wasn't so gracious
We would be lost in our pride.

Thank God there is more....
There was,
There is
And there always will be....

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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Speak peace

Lord take this gentle day,
her soft light and gentle colours,
mould her around my life.
wrap me in your blanket of peace
and speak quiet to my soul.
There are answers that you know I seek,
wisdom that I do not have..
my faith is prone to doubting
and my heart lies anxious within me,
and yet, somewhere deeper than I know,
is a small rock of trusting.
amidst the confused seas of my soul,
speak peace to these weary waters
and i will steady my heart to wait in the hope
of your hand guiding me through these days.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

There is light

My heart struggles
For my mind spins.
I try to shake off
The thoughts that wrestle,
Taking my day hostage
Refusing to retreat.
How many years,
How many tears,
Now I slide backwards,
As if the past
Lays hold of me.

Where is tomorrow?
what lies waiting?
Empty spaces calling out
To be entered and finalised.
I am scared, I wish I wasn't,
But what is seen of me
Hides the truth.
Is this a pause for breath?
A rest and a retreat,
Or is it this the slope towards
My silence.

Come tomorrow.
Come the dawn,
Answer my turmoil
With gentleness
And love
And, above all,

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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Thank You.

thank you
for the gift of life
for breath
and the beating of our hearts.
thank you
for the highs and lows,
the joys and the sadnesses.
thank you
for the beauty that surrounds us,
and our ability to appreciate it all.
I am amazed by life,
the journey that is within
and without
it's freedoms
and the debts we carry.
I must be sure to remember these things
and be thankful.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Let there be light

Let there be light
when your hopes have all ended
Let there be light
when your dreams have all died
Let there be light
when the world shouts you down,
Oh Lord, let there be light.

Let there be light
when your fears turn to failures
Let there be light
in the helpless, hopeless night
Let there be light
for a future full of tears.
Oh Lord, let there be light.

And I'm praying there is light
for the darkness of my soul
I'm hoping there is truth
in the things that I've been told.
I'm praying for the morning
to break the deepest night
Oh Lord, let there be light.

Let there be light
when the darkness is descending
Let there be light

when the night is closing in.
Let there be light

when you're lost and far from home
Oh Lord, let there be light

Wednesday, March 09, 2011

A Father's prayer.

I hear your pain
but I cannot carry the hurt
your anger has found it's mark
however the rage is yours.
I would take it all
if I could
but that would deny you
your journey.
you wish me to be,
but I simply am not.
acceptance may be hard
for both of us
but the truth is all we have.
bone of my bone
flesh of my flesh,
my dear child
I too am hurting
for I am also a child within
still growing
still changing
trying to grapple
with the all of life
that is uncontained and restless,
flawed and failed.
I can only show you
how to deal with the wrongs
for the right always escapes
into the land
where perfection lives.

Monday, March 07, 2011

and so the rain clears.
the clouds they race across
a startling blue sky.
all is quiet,
a peace
soothing a restless soul.
gentle goes this day
with all it's challenges,
at the end of a racing mind
I have found a place of quiet

Sunday, March 06, 2011


So, here I am,
I'm wondering, just a pause, I suppose,
My mind wanders, restless as always,
The piano and the stool wait again,
I am to become who I am said to be.

Yes, here am I,
These memories are painful,
They are unanswered,
The wounds lie open,
I am incapable, it is beyond me.

Should I rise from this chair,
Should I act out, doctoring, saving.
No, there is more for me,
Much more than this melancholia.
Perhaps I should listen to the lyrics of my songs,
Perhaps I should remind myself.
The truth is not hard to see.

I will resist the temptation,
I will take the time,
To breathe, to quite myself,
And sit,
For here am I.

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Thursday, March 03, 2011


Consider for a second or two, perhaps longer, consider love for it has obsessed my last fifteen years.

Love, so glorious, so ennobling, life changing, history changing love. Love that has rewritten the destiny of Kings, love that has gripped mankind from time immemorial.

We are created to love and to be loved. The future of our species relies entirely upon the glorious shoulders of love.

I am a product of a chance meeting of my mother and father, a meeting that blossomed into that wondrous coupling that produced me and then my sister. The absolute triumph of human desire and expression produces the greatest act of all creation, you, me and all whom are around us. Now before I go on, let us pause for the violence of desire, and the victims of a distortion that strips love of all it's glory.

Love. Those who love us. Those whom we love. The human story, the human journey, a journey that has it's triumphs and it's failures, but love just the same.

Please, let's pause from my earnest prose, and simply meditate on that word above all words, love.

Yet, there is a love that transcends every human experience, more so, it humbles our best with it's extraordinary extravagance. Think about it. What is the abiding image of eternal love. What do we see, what can we learn? This outrageous depiction of the eternal nature of God compels us to respond in a fractured response that cries out for grace to enliven every step.

God, in Jesus, makes a statement of his nature, his heart, his soul and his spirit. He chose to announce to all mankind that the cross was to be an offering of forgiveness. No more do we struggle to "Love the Lord our God with all your heart and all your strength and all your might, loving your neighbor as yourself". Jesus shows us that we are incapable of such a command. We are immediately condemned, we have just one response, it is too impossible a task, we have failed at the outset.

Jesus takes our failure, our flaws, our prejudices, our politics, our innate racism and our need to crucify grace to enforce our beliefs. He became the end result of our humanity's religious instinct, as, all of us, find ourselves screaming Barabus, because to cry for Jesus require more faith than we are capable. At the height of this religious fury that caused almost all the disciples and followers to run away, fearing for their lives, Jesus cries out an eternal message from the foundation of all creation to beyond the summing up of all time. He cries this for you and your ancestors, for our children and our great, great grand children. "Father forgive them, they don't know what they are doing" This is God's final manifesto. It is the heart beat of all that Jesus did, said and cried out. It is ultimate, it is complete, it is four letters, it is "what makes the world go round". It is that tiny word, misused and abused. It is all that we reach for, finding ourselves faithless and hopeless in our failure. It is the pure outworking, it is love.

We are loved. That's it. That's the message. So simple, so profound, an eternal journey, fueled by grace and forgiveness. We are loved to be loving, and we are free to fail, free to start again, we are free to rise from our hatred and bigotry for we are always embraced by a love that is endless, boundless, unmerited and liberating.


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Wednesday, March 02, 2011

In my blindness

When I am blind,
You help me see,
and in the dark
the light finds me.
and in the quiet
a song is sung,
in my weakness
I am made strong.

when I am lost
you come to me,
and in my fears
you comfort me.
when I'm alone
you're by my side
when I am scared
in you I hide.

When faithless heart
and troubled soul,
a broken life
in you is whole
when far from hope
my restless mind
this love and grace
in you I find.

Tuesday, March 01, 2011

To those who feel alone

A dear friend of mine is suffering from isolation and rejection.
This is poem is dedicated to all who battle with the dark and the blue.

can it be this.
not the plan.
i've been told,
and preached,
and promised,
and sung.
so why I am here,
so bowed down,
so why am I here,
so lost and alone?

give me your texts,
your verses and books,
give me your scriptures
your words and your songs
your music, your lyrics,
your phrases, your praises
give me eternal,
show me the light

I've tried your incantations,
your phrases and calls,
I've swayed to emotions,
I've heard this and more.

yet here am I,
in spite of all,
why am I?
I'm cast down,

I know the sweet glib,
the phrase and the stage,
the electric, the swoon,
the mastery of senses.
I know,
yes i've seen it,
I know every line

I've been there
and wondered
I've been there
and failed
one day,
I will see
one day,
I will rise

Yet for all who are waiting,
for all whom are lost,
confused, and forlorn
we are held, we are joined.
for this is my hope,
for this is my joy,
one day, one fine day
one day we will know.

the answers?
I have none,
the Answer has me,
the loneliness
I live there,
the Loneliness
and me.

of course now,
the confusion is mine
no difference is made,
eternity awaits.
no pressure,
nor impatience,
no failure
nor fear.
there's time for my loneliness
for me and for you.
there's time,
for eternity,
there's time,
yes there's time.