Thursday, July 07, 2016

We are "them"

It is easy to judge,
easy to make an enemy,
far easier to see another's faults,
to alienate and exclude.
It is far harder to examine ourselves
seeing our own failings
before we see another's.
It is far harder to love our enemies
as we would love our friends.
Our lives must be an ongoing struggle
against those deep and desperate desires
to stand on the wounded shoulders
of those we chose to see as
fallen, faulted, frail and failed
whilst preaching "right" from "wrong",
"us" from "them".
Our constant journey
is into the love that heals us,
the grace that enlivens us
and the hope that always gives us
every forgiven moment.
It is these precious gifts that we freely receive,
these precious gifts
that we are called
to freely give.


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