Monday, December 31, 2007

Jesus stands as an absolute conundrum to those who are seeking a “messiah”.

He just doesn’t fit.

To believe in him demands one of two things.

You can change everything you know about God, everything you have ever done for him, everything you expected him to be and live in a state of continual amazement as he eludes being type cast or contained. You can then live in adventurous questioning, learning, discovering, not so much following Jesus as being amazed at him following you, knowing you. To be known by God, now there’s a miracle worthy teaching. Not worshipping him, but being humbled by him bowing at you feet with a wash bowl and towel….


You must tie him up with theology, explaining everything he does in ways that reduce him down to our words and our thoughts and our expectations. He then becomes "our Jesus". A Jesus subject to our interpretations. "Our Jesus" can very nicely fit in a book if we make him hostage to our words and our concepts. We can interpret him, teaching those interpretations and even worse, forcing them upon others. In the name of "Our Jesus" we can build nice churches and a nice culture and a nice worship team. He can agree with our silence when the marginalised are abandoned for the sake of prosperity and comfort, he can turn a blind eye with us to the terror that is being committed daily in the name of a culture that bears his name…

Friday, December 28, 2007

“Mum, God won’t play by my rules!
Can I send Him home.
I really like my rules.
I don’t want to change them.
Mum, tell God to play by my rules!”

When God “refuses” to do what we “expect’ of Him,
do we place our disappointments at His feet
challenging our interpretations,
or do we wave our bibles in his face demanding:
“It is written”.

Saturday, December 22, 2007

The Incarnation, God becoming man, defines God in such a way that it challenges every thought and every concept concerning deity. The Royal Family travels with kid leather toilet seat covers! World Leaders travel in their own planes, with their own chefs. Rock Stars refuse to play unless they are provided with a multitude of “ego-enhancing” paraphernalia. Super Models stay in bed unless absurd fees are paid.

God spent nine months inside a Jewish Teenage girl!

Sunday, December 16, 2007

"Where are we going?" asked the man.
"You will see soon enough" answered the angel.
Down, down, down they flew
slowly retreating from the night and into
the village below.
After quite a while the man said to the angel:
"I really don't understand and I am terribly busy"
"If you don't understand this your mission is shallow and pointless"
the angel replied.
Soon enough they touched down outside what appeared to be an insignificant stable
lit by a small fire and a torch.
The man turned to the angel, his face full of questions
"Before we go inside" he said finally with a hint of impatience in his voice,
"tell me, who will look after the sleigh and the reindeer?"