Monday, June 25, 2007

let your peace
wrap my mind
with hope
for the darkness
has descended
and my soul
cries out.

Whatever lies behind
is of no account,
and the future lies unformed
and nameless
before me.
somewhere, somehow,
there will be answers
but today
I am scared and quite alone.

You hold my eternity.
you see my life's span.
history bears witness
to faith's survival,
even in the face of hopelessness.
when all is summed up and packed away
you are not found distant or remote.
so I draw my comfort
from a heavenfull of witnesses.

I will continue to wait,
whether faithful
or faithless,
for I cannot summon heaven,
only heaven can summon me.
the miracle now is my surprised hope
in your intervention.

In spite of my fear,
the struggles of my heart
will continue to hope,
even in the midst of
this darkness.

whilst flickering and splutteringthis little candle refuses to die.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

A father's prayer

I hear your pain
but I cannot carry the hurt
your anger has found it's mark
however the rage is yours.
I would take it all
if I could
but that would deny you
your journey.
you wish me to be,
but I simply am not.
acceptance may be hard
for both of us
but the truth is all we have.
bone of my bone
flesh of my flesh,
my dear child
I too am hurting
for I am also a child within
still growing
still changing
trying to grapple
with the all of life
that is uncontained and restless,
flawed and failed.
I can only show you
how to deal with the wrongs
for the right always escapes
into the land
where perfection lives.