Friday, May 25, 2007

the miracle
of your unfathomable love eternal.
how can I seek to understand this
it is beyond me
I can only wonder
in awestruck amazement.
Beyond the universe
this love calls to my heart
Outside of all time and space
mercy cries forgiveness
to this broken life.
Hope triumphant
rises to crown creation
with life.
grace enfolds
the frailest heart.

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Lord take this gentle day,
her soft light and gentle colours,
mould her around my life.
wrap me in your blanket of peace
and speak quiet to my soul.
There are answers that you know I seek,
wisdom that I do not have..
my faith is prone to doubting
and my heart lies anxious within me,
and yet, somewhere deeper than I know,
is a small rock of trusting.
amidst the confused seas of my soul,
speak peace to these weary waters
and i will steady my heart to wait in the hope
of your hand guiding me through these days.

I have stood by the garden tomb,
I have seen the place of the skull
I have walked your path of sorrows
and prayed at the wailing wall.
I've been baptised in the Jordan river
walked by the Sea of Galilee
stood at the foot of the mountain
where you shone brighter than the sun.
I have heard the voices of thousands
sing the power and the glory of your name
I've been on my knees in adoration
my hands lifted high with your praise.
I have walked the dark streets of evil
I have cursed with words black as coal
my mind has plotted rebellion
and encouraged my friends do the same.
my heart is a nightmare within me
my fists have exploded in rage
my humanity stalks death beside me
my grave has called out my name.

beyond all I have seen
said, done and heard
beyond every footstep,
every thought, every word,
beyond life that's finite
finished and dead
beyond every secret
or insult that's said
your life rises with hope
absorbing our worst
love conquers evil
grace covers all.
your life rises above me
whilst I'm stricken in shame
I look to your heavens
and call out your name

Easter Sunday's rainbow over Bayview

let me stretch my wings
and fly.
rising higher on the warm currents,
catch the updraught
seeking the sky.
let my eyes be heavenward.
my feet know their way
they are rooted to the earth
may my soul remember soaring
and my heart remember flight.