Thursday, July 28, 2011


Let grace be my goal,
Love be my light,
Let mercy be my mission
Spirit be my sight.
May forgiveness be my friend
To offer, to seek and to taste
Till the glory that is all in all
Is shared in you in me.

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Monday, July 25, 2011


You kissed the heavens
you touched the stars.
at you feet
was adoration and respect.
the music played
and we swayed
we sang
and laughed.
Oh Amy,
it wasn't enough.
Oh so young,
so much to learn,
we watched,
as you fell,
beneath your addictions.
Oh Amy,
it wasn't enough.
A steady stream
of broken minds,
shattered souls
have preceded you,
and now...
you are gone.
the pilgrimage into the darkness,
the madness
and the illnesses
Tomorrow will see another Amy,
another Heath,
Jimi, Janis, Kurt,
oh so talented,
oh so young
Oh Amy
it just wasn't enough.

Thursday, July 21, 2011


the storm has abated
the chaos subdued.
peace returns
to this place
that was so barren and cold.
I will unpack my angry words
neatly folding my struggles
and fears,
and with a bag full of fraility
I will slide this reborn hope into
a pocket full of dreams
and start the journey again

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Dance with me.

I am below.
you are above
this is all I need to know
where my anxious heart finds it's rest.
it's so easy
to slip and slide,
eyes fixed on the blankness
the grey and the not yet.
but above me,
life laughs,
it flies,
dances and sings.
in all it's mystery,
yet caught up
as a chorus
or a ballet,
every part,
every line
and word,
life bursts into bloom...
even my cat understands
the mystery is unfathomable,
I am below,
you are above
that's all I need to know.
and the quest for fullness
shall come knocking
as surely as the dawn will break the dark of night.
How wonderful.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Journey's songs

the smallest leaf
can hold a tiny drop of dew
that will catch the sun
and lighten it's world.
a single bird can soar
on the faintest breeze
calling our eyes
upwards to the clouds
a child can laugh
with the glee of innocence
and we can relive
the simplest joy
life is full of precious moments
if we can pause long enough to see them.
sometimes in our headlong rush onwards
we miss the journey's songs.

Saturday, July 02, 2011

i am fully known.
no hiding place,
i am naked
on the plains of mercy.

the waters
drench my skin
a deluge,
every drop
the dryness of my heart:
I'm soaked to the core.
love rains upon my heavy soul.

a smile breaks free
from the rusty shakles,
and I am beyond words.