Monday, October 30, 2006

The Island

The Island.

I have found my home
On a rock upon the sea,
This precious place
Whose songs sang out for me.
A sweet and sacred place
My soul’s now firmly anchored
Safe and sound.

I have seen the sun
Dancing ‘cross the seas
I have felt the wind
Playing with the trees
Leaves with raindrops glisten
Water flowing down
I have found my home

This island
This refuge
This shelter
This place
Her silence
Her dancing
Her peoples
My place.

I have found my peace
Under boughs of grey
Gentle meditations
Filling every day
The sound of birds now singing
As the ferry’s slowly swaying
Her way home..

I can see her colours
Bathed in khaki green
Houselights gently winking
As they blink out through the trees
Living with the rising
And the falling of the tides
I have found my home