Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Open your eyes

We are surrounded by glorious sights..
The simplicity of beauty, the hidden and unseen,
Waiting for us to behold.
So often we walk through life with our eyes closed,
Hearts unaware.
Seeing is simply a decision
To be enlightened and inspired
By the panorama prepared for us.

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Thursday, June 06, 2013

My Dad's Prayer

My Dad's Prayer... 

My Dad is so amazing.
He lives outside of all things
whilst being with me constantly. 
He is more than perfect.
He promises me that my life
will be a constant reflection of his
so that our worlds will always meet in harmony. 

I am assured that every day has already been met
by his love, provision and attention
to every need and intricate detail of my life.
His love for me is so overwhelming that
I am assured that my past, my present and even my future
is covered by this extravagant love of his,
expressed to me in unconditional grace and mercy.
He challenges me to offer the same to those who stand with me
and those who stand against me.
This is far beyond me and sometimes simply too wonderful to accept,
yet it is more true than truth itself.

My Dad offers me his hand,
and, wherever he leads me, I know that I am safe and secure
no matter what the challenge,
no matter what the blessing.
He will not allow me to be stretched beyond my endurance.
Sometimes, I realise that life will have its dark moments,
but even in these, he will never leave me,
his voice will always rise above the storms.
I will never be abandoned.
He promises me all he has, it is his,
and yet he has always purposed all this to be my inheritance.
His nature, his beauty, his glory, his wisdom, his strength,
even his intimate thoughts are freely shared with me,
as his beloved child.

Why? Because he is my Dad.

This is his plan for me, a plan that was indelibly and irrevocably recorded
before there was a heaven or an earth,
it his his heart's desire for me,
from before time until there is nothing left but eternity beyond.

My Dad sent his son, my glorious brother,
to teach me this prayer so I will always know just who my Dad really is.