Thursday, June 14, 2012

Living lightly

We will never grow by proclaiming our rights,
Or celebrating our strengths
We can only grow when we can identify our wrongs
And wrestle with our weaknesses.
We can demand others to change,
We can demand our justice
But it is only when we are prepared to grow, painfully so,
That we can begin to proclaim the rights of others
by seeing our rights as the lesser.
When we can stand in the nakedness of our frailty,
Then we can begin to be clothed with humility.
When we fight for our rights
We lose.
When we dare ourselves to be compassionate
We begin to build a community.
My journey is to share my failings
So that together we can journey towards the light.
Justice without love is judgment,
Judgement without justice is vengeance.
Vengeance and revenge drain us all of our humanity.

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- Posted using BlogPress from my iPad

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Look again with innocent eyes.

I fear there is a poison that is bringing a slow death to soul and spirit.
Are we awake to hearing the wonder of the Jesus story?
His tolerance, his acceptance and above all, his grace, forgiveness and love.
Look around you...
the lyrics to the songs that are part of the addiction to contemporary Christianity,
the sermons,
the celebrated pastors and preachers,
the morality outrages,
the isolation of those who fall outside our favourite scriptures..
step back..
can you see him,
is he in the midst of all the we have created in his name,
or is he standing on the outside,
have we become all that he warned us of?
Stand back...
look with innocent eyes..
can you see him where you have excepted him to be?