Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Surely, loving a 'deity' comes naturally to almost every soul. We all seek spiritual comfort, and soul peace. Throughout the ages mankind has sought a relationship with the divine. However, the Christmas and Easter stories show us "divinity" in an entirely different light. Christmas shows us a God who goes to the most extraordinary lengths to establish a relationship with mankind. Jesus is "God coming to us". He turns the tables on our seeking. We become the "sought after".

Easter shows us a greater miracle. God forgives the unforgivable. He refuses to respond to every action and deed that mankind inflicted upon him and chooses simply to respond to his own love for mankind by forgiving and gracing us beyond measure.
We spend so much time telling ourselves through our songs, prayers, services and promises how much we love God and all that we will do for him. The miracle of grace lies not in our own action and love for God, but rather His love and actions for all of us broken, frail and failed recipients of grace.