Monday, January 28, 2013


A drenching rain,
And the gentle sound,
Pitter pattering
Drip dropping.
I am high up
My veranda nestling
Amongst the trees.
And all is peaceful,
The island sleeps
On this drowsy
Monday afternoon

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Friday, January 25, 2013


We are all individuals,
Flawed, failed,
Desperate to arrive,
To succeed,
To struggle beyond
Our fears
And failures.
It is simple.
It always was,
It is
And always will be,
We are loved,
Not by worth,
Or approval.
It is simple.
We are loved
We are loved.
Our desperate struggle
Is to accept that love
For what it is.

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Thursday, January 24, 2013

The dark.

The darkness descends,
A fog,
A weight,
An anxiety,
It settles on my shoulders
Gripping me tightly.
Are you there?
Do my words
Chill you?
They chill me.
It is easy to offer platitudes.
Words and sayings
That are repeated
Without empathy
Or compassion.
Faith must dig deeper,
Finding the secrets
The pain and shame
That shadows the light in us.
Join me
In offering the comfort
That we pray for,
That we receive
That we long for
That comes
And goes
And calls us

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Monday, January 21, 2013

An outdoors prayer

I pray the air embraces you in love,
The sunlight kisses you with grace,
That the laughter of children fill you with innocence,
The smiles of the elderly remind you of wisdom,
May the stillness of the trees speak patience and hope
The chatter of birds cause you to smile
The sound of the sea give you strength
And all life around you embrace you as one.

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Sunday, January 20, 2013

The horizon

I sit in the forest of my fears,
My humanity,
My flesh,
And failures.
I live in the wooded grove
Where mists gather here and there,
The trunks of the giants
Rising from their ghostly blankets.
If I stretch, high as I can,
I can the ocean
As it hides amongst the leaves and branches
Just beyond my gaze
Lies the horizon.
It taunts me
It calls me,
A song
That cries hope to my soul.
Try as I might
My eyes cannot discern the line
Between the eternity of the heavens
and border of the sea.
The horizon is there,
Yes, the eternal
Above the temporal.
I am not the sea,
I am not
These trees,
And mists,
They will pass away,
Dissolving into yesterday.
I am borne for the horizon,
When I know it not,
I will rise above these boundaries
And fly into beyond all anchors
And borders.

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Saturday, January 19, 2013

The call of the sea

The wind is at my back,
If I could raise a sail,
I would set a course.
Perhaps the winds have changed,
There have been storms
That have endlessly
Battered this vessel,
This ageing vessel.
If my life was a yacht,
There would have been
Many shipwrecks,
Many cries for help,
And many rescues.
And yet,
I must set sail again,
There is a master mariner,
Who calls "courage !"
"Hope !"
"New horizons!".
I have stayed in an uncomfortable berth
For far too long,
Whilst reluctant to set of,
I can no longer stay.
I think I hear the call,
I hope I can.

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Thursday, January 17, 2013


Time is relentless,
Sometimes we scream for stop,
For rewind,
For pause.
Time has dealt it's blows
And life has turned a corner.
The sky is silent,
My heart, confused,
Step by step,
The future unfolds.

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Friday, January 04, 2013

The dance.

The dance,
The twisting
The whirling,
The rhythm
The melody and music.
We kid ourselves,
We are not dancing,
The dance,
Dances with us.
It leads us,
Through the light,
The dark
And the inevitable greyness.
Life is a dance,
The musicians play their craft
And we gather on the dance floor,
And we dance,
And the dance dances,
And life continues,
Sometimes a savage,
Sometimes a saint.
We are dancing
With eternity,
Never reaching an end,
With the music of life.

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