Wednesday, March 26, 2014


We are loved beyond our ability to accept it.
Our reasoning gets in the way.
Our thought life,
So often defeats
The words that are meant to
Bathe our souls.
We wake,
And often afraid.
I pause,
Taking a deep breath,
I imagine the faces of my family,
My friends,
And those I know who love me.
I take of hold of grace,
And wrap it in the blanket
Of eternal and unconditional love,
Hiding myself under its warmth.
Remember those words,
Spoken over you,
Remember the touch of hands,
Those who dried your tears
And who brought joy to your sorrows.
Above all things,
Transcending them all,
There is never a time,
When love fails,
There is never a time,
When you are alone.
Above all things,
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