Tuesday, July 28, 2009

You caught my heart
'til every song, I wrote for you
every melody
it simply seemed that way
I think it strange
for in my struggles, as you know,
there are questionings
that challenge all I say.

But I am overwhelmed
and overcome
it's buried deep within me
and I can never turn away
from this inspiration

A simple word
that took me years to understand
changes all I am
and all I hope to be
The darkest night
the sad and painful memories
where we run and hide
love is waiting there.

For I am overwhelmed
and overcome
it's buried deep within me
and I can never turn away
from this inspiration.

Such endless love
for grace has captured all I am
and I can never turn
from this inspiration.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

One transcendent moment,
an awakening
an awareness
a beauty
that is far beyond normal reality.
a gift
that is given
without reason,
rhyme or song.
where heaven
and embraces
our fears
and our failures
and love.

and the glorious revelation?
we have nothing to offer,
nothing to sing
nothing to say.
with empty hands
and hollow hearts
we have only one
part to play.

we receive.

Friday, July 10, 2009

I am anxious,
I am nervous
I am scared
and afraid.
I've tried climbing
all the ladders
I tried to sing, I tried to pray.
I am full
of endeavours
but all my best has failed
when I am falling
love is holding me
I am found
and I am safe

sometimes I wandered
in the darkness
sometimes been blinded
on the way
sometimes I'm stronger
sometimes I'm week
sometimes my faith
fades far away,
and I'm empty of endeavour
and there's nothing left to say
while I'm turning
love is seeking me
I am found
and I am safe.

why oh why
sighs my broken heart
I've failed before I try
whenever wandering to and fro'
I hear redemptions cry.

In the midst of my doubtings
in my struggles, in my pain
for I am held
when I am fearful
and I am safe
for I am found.

Friday, July 03, 2009

You have come
you have come to all.
whether we see you
or even know you name
you came
you came.

and you love
you love us all
whether we know
this eternal burning flame
you love
you love.

and I am overwhelmed
by the depth of grace
this battered and this bruised
heaven's holy face.
and so it was the nails
and the crown of thorns
showed us all you came
to show us all you love.

can we see
yes can we see?
this love for you
is this love for me