Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Silent night, silent day.

Just another day,
just another day.
sun, sand and sea...
refugees turned away, drowning, dying,
sweet carols singing,
judgment, alienation and scorn,
Oh holy night?
self centred,
night remains
a horror story
whilst we wrap up the wrappings
and fill the bins,
too much of too much.
just another day,
just another night

Thursday, December 08, 2011

Can we love beyond.....?

when we judge,

when we point the finger,
when we discriminate,
and turn away,
when we blame,
when we accuse,
when we slander,
and abuse,
it is then
that we find our boundaries,
where love, grace and hope
are withdrawn and withheld
by our
and justification,
it is then
that we have to chose
can we love and grace
beyond our boundaries
or have we simply joined the accused.

Thursday, December 01, 2011

Tell me.

Tell me,
have you seen the little ones,
cast off and undefended?
please tell me
have you seen them
as broken they walk away?
have you seen their bloody scars,
wounded from the words
that should have spoken love,
from hands that should embrace.
have you heard their cries,
their laments,
their dirges,
as they bury the life
that so cruelly was declared "dead".
for there is poison in the tongues,
arrows in the pointings,
malice in the hearts,
twisted, bitter, black.
tell me,
have you seen them,
please tell them 
heaven's gates
are waiting
swinging open wide
and free.