Sunday, May 25, 2014


Let today be free of the past's confusions
and the future's anxieties.
Let the present be 
a simple celebration 
of life
and living
and loving.

Saturday, May 17, 2014

Weep now.

My heart sinks,
And a shadow of sadness
Settles on my morning.
I read these barren words,
Soulless answers.
I lament the absence
Of compassion.
I grieve the greed,
The arrogance and pride.
Where are the good Samaritans,
Where are those who will sacrifice,
Who will reach out,
Whose hearts are not tarnished
By the fear that caring,
And giving
Are now ruled by economics.
The "lucky country"
Has truly found her dreams
"Gone dry".
Can we truly say
We are a "great" Southland?
Bring out the "mourning" bell,
Cease the celebrations,
The songs and dances.
Turn your prayers into deeds of mercy,
"What we do for the least,
We do for Him".
This is revival.
It starts in our hearts.

Tuesday, May 06, 2014


The evening has chased away the day,
As silence descends,
And sleep beckons.
My mind drifts in and out 
Of images and memories. 
Life is never a highway,
It is the scenic road,
full of twisting turns,
Where the way ahead
Is often obscured.
There are steep climbs to lofty peeks,
Then falling to dark valleys,
Or dry deserts and wilderness.
In the quiet of this night,
My thoughts remind me,
That, now,
Just with the sound of my breath,
And heartbeat,
Life is within,
Not just without,
And I am part
Of a greater whole.
My journey continues,
Sometimes a dim destination,
Never arriving,
But every footstep
A perfect lesson.

Sunday, May 04, 2014

Face to face

Let me see your face,
To hear your voice,
To look into your eyes,
Until I begin to understand
Your journey,
And you,
Why am I staring at the back of your head 
As we both read the words,
And sing the songs,
The lights,
The sounds,
The room.
I don't know your name,
I just smile,
"God bless you",
Until next week.
Let me break bread with you,
Watching your hands
Cradling the cup,
A table,
A meal,
Laughter, tears,
Joys, fears.
Let us face each other,
Not in neat rows,
Little cups
And wafers.
Throw open the doors,
Empty the car park,
Let me see your face,
As we hold hands,
And dry our tears
With love shared and received.....
Just a thought...