Sunday, July 29, 2012

How do I know

How do I know?
How do I know that I have heard,
That, no matter how dimly, I may have seen,
That I may have been touched, so softly,
That I may have questioned the encounter?
How do I know,
That I am not ruled by a day, or a time,
A song or a passage,
That something is happening,
Deeper than I knew possible.
How do I know that I have started a journey,
My footsteps slowly leaving who I was and who I am,
What I thought and think and say.
Perhaps it's when I look to my left,
And then to my right,
When I encounter what I disagree with,
And what I embrace,
In the harsh night of confusion
Of angry words and and loves embrace,
The good, the bad,
The dark and the light.
A choice is being made,
A life is being changed.
For I am embraced by something so glorious,
So wondrous,
Something so gentle
Something universal
Something for me
For you,
How do I know,
How will I know?
I will know when I truly learn to love
As I am loved,
And when I realise
I will die
Still trying.
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Monday, July 23, 2012


Dont hate,
Don't accuse,
Don't demand
Don't point your finger,
Open your arms.
Don't judge,
The world is bigger than our opinions,
Our "rightness" will never be absolute.
I think it it is better to open one's hand
Than to clench one's fist.

Thursday, July 19, 2012


As the tears flow again,
We cry out for reason,
For answers.
We look for comfort,
Asking the unknown
To make known.
Death walks with life.
Dark with light.
Sadness with joy,
Lost with found.
The reasons why
Are caught up in our fragile existence.
In an instant
We are overtaken
And we will never be the same
There is no why.
Death walks with life,
Dark with light
And so each passing moment,
Is a gift to be celebrated
And drained deep.

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Tuesday, July 17, 2012


Where is the light?
Where is the love?
In all that we have hope for,
Dreamed for
And built,
Is it light?
Or love?
Is there a clear parallel
Between the words,
The life
And the love
And the songs,
The prayers,
The preachings
And the promises?
Where has this wondrous message disappeared to?
Has anybody noticed that,
Just perhaps,
The whole journey
Is off course?

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