Sunday, February 12, 2012

Walking quietly

And so the lights have begun to dim,
the lid is closed,
the instrument, put away.
There are other paths to walk,
other hills to climb,
there are more words that I can say,
other "songs" that must be lived.
If I don't stand,
I will be swept away by this
cruel and heartless tide,
so stand I will,
to begin the walk towards home,
a place I have always longed to be,
if only I could muster the courage.
I have tried to reason,
I have tried to persuade,
but so many hearts are heartless,
justified by words that are chosen to condemn,
by book, chapter and verse,
words that have always spoken of love
if you drained the law from their pages.
Perhaps I could dare one small prayer:
let us all look bravely into the reflection
of our true selves,
let us see grace and forgiveness,
may it pierce our hearts,
until we become grace givers.
This is nothing more,
there is nothing less.