Thursday, May 15, 2008

h to fly so high,
to soar on wings
like the eagle.
to be caught up
in the beauty
and the wonder
the grace
love and mercy of God.
Oh to know
to finish this season of waiting
but some things are
not to be known
I will sit again,
and ponder these days
still wondering
still waiting

Saturday, May 03, 2008

Let the light shine

until our eyes are blinded by the light.
Let your mercy fall,
our hearts bursting with love
and grace.
grace for you, grace for me,
grace for us all,
grace, shouted and sung
till our voices can scarcely speak
caught in
Oh, if we could be
completely overwhelmed
from every shortcoming,
as every pain and every shame
is covered by this grace
mercy and love.

For we battle with the darkness
we struggle with the light
constantly shaking ourselves free
to rise above lives
that often feel out of control
and reckless.
What a mystery is this,
the promise of freedom
to these chains and shackles.
Grace wrestles with us all,
with our hearts and voices
as our todays and tomorrows are shaped
by what we cannot understand
or fully grasp.