Tuesday, February 19, 2013


A friend visited me the other day,
Quite unannounced.
Whilst we had been in touch,
I'd forgotten the sound of his voice.
We spoke,
I listened,
I questioned
And I was surprised by his answers.
I am now puzzling myself,
Not sure about what this means.

Hearing is to challenge my cynicism.
Knowing is to journey far beyond.
Questioning may never find the answer
Living, may be walking blind.

My friend has left me
With the challenge of relearning,
Retracing steps,
Listening again,
Not ever knowing whether I hear
Or not.

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Tuesday, February 05, 2013


What do I believe,
Why, and how?
When I dig deep,
Do I find something profound,
Or do I find fear
And doubt.
I think of my prayers,
Sometimes apologetic,
Sometimes cautious,
And so often a desperate cry,
Like a shotgun blast
At the sky.
My inspiration is sometimes hazy,
I find myself choosing to believe
In the revelations of other
Charismatic icons
Who surely know better.
Does their faith make me feel safe,
Or does it leave me
With the nagging awareness
That I may be empty inside?
What do I see when my eyes are closed
And my hands clenched,
What am I hearing,
Who am I seeing,
What words escape from my heart.
Am I heard,
Will I be answered?
Or are my fears of being alone
And an empty universe
Stalking me after every

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