Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Choose love

Love is powerless

Yet still endures
Beyond being loved.
Love is greater than emotions,
Deeper than desire,
Love is the unconditional choice
To be loving
Even when your world
Turns away.
In the face of rejection,
Choose love.
In the face of misunderstanding,
Choose love.
In the face of anger,
The calamnities of life
Choose love.
Even in the face of hate,
Choose love.
And when your love
Fades and fails,
Forgive, grace
And heal
And choose love.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

This sounds good Geoff , recently i feel in love with a woman who was in her 3rd year of grieving and we went with 4months in a relationship and then she ended it as she found she should be faithful to her late husband . I still love this lady but she felt she could'nt continue so yes love is an answer but this is a totally different circumstances . I would love your feed back if you can i am in your friends list on face book if you can in box me . Thanks Bryan Lean God Bless

10:37 am  

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